Her voice is soft and plaintive, her words a slurry of apologies. For I Know My Weakness shows what happens when a woman who has been a homeless alcoholic for many years returns to the children she had abandoned. Unable to hide from her past, she is forced to contemplate her wounded life and its wake of wreckage. For I Know My Weakness explores uncharted territories that lie in the margins around us in a documentary where the filmmaker himself is caught in the vortex of other people's nightmares.

For I Know My Weakness was an official selection at International Documentary Film Amsterdam 2012, where the IDFA newspaper did a spotlight interview of the director for the Amsterdam world premiere, November 2012. In addition, the website Doc Geeks did a film review. Read John Dentino's article Ethics in the Immersive Documentary in the Features section of the Senses of Cinema film journal's 2013 year-end edition. Visit our Facebook page for information on the U.S. premiere in New Orleans and the Asian continental premiere in Mumbai , both of which took place in October 2013. Also, read Dentino's "The Loving and Terrible Mother" with more about Patty and the audience's relationship to the archetypal.

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