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Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to explain.
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Scott Lindgren

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The biography that floats on the Internet reads:

Fibonaccis rose out of the early-'80s punk scene in Los Angeles, CA. Drawing from a wide range of influences including film scores, circus music, as well as an interest in bizarre pop culture in general, the band took their name after Leonardo Fibonacci, the 14th Century Italian mathematician. The group's first lineup consisted of Magie Song (vocals, percussion), John Dentino (keyboards), Joe Berardi (drums, percussion), and Ron Stringer (guitar, bass). Fibonaccis' first record was released in 1982 on the Index label, (fi'-bo-na'-chez). Mixing their many influences, the band emerged with intelligent keyboard passages, over-the-top vocals, and surf-influenced guitar work. With a rising reputation as a live band, the group performed bizarre versions of "Purple Haze" and the theme from the film Psycho in their sets. In 1983, the band released the EP Slow Beautiful Sex with new member Tom Corey (bass, mandolin, vocals). Though they continued to appear live occasionally, they did not release any new material until 1986. By this point, Stringer had left the group and was replaced by Corey. The band wrote the soundtrack to the cult horror/comedy film TerrorVision, and had high hopes, but the film and the soundtrack did not do as well as hoped. The group then returned to the studio to record Civilization and Its Discotheques (1987), which was a frustrating process, and the band broke up afterwards. Geoff Orens, All Music Guide

Well, that about sums it up. In the absence of a current CD release, at least now you can click around from the list on the right column or click here to listen to the defunct sound of The Fibonaccis. All songs can be heard in the automatically loading Flash movie or sound player on each song's page.

John Dentino 11/28/06

Here are some other Fibs links:

Fibs on iTunes

Fibonaccis MySpace page

Independent Artists Company (IAC)

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Sawdust Tracks

John Dentino: Post-Fibonaccis

The overweening attempt at uniqueness usually fails.
—Theodore Puffinglabber

Musica del Payaso Malvado

Track list and music here

I wrote these pieces between the years 1990 and 2003.

Why the clown, circus, and carnival motifs? Well, I was convinced in the early 90s that the carnival was the central metaphor for psychological transformation and a dream state existing on the outskirts of normally accepted society. The evil clown, the carnival (derived from old Italian “carnelevare,” which means “to remove the meat” or “flesh farewell” for Lent), and the circus subculture seemed like secrets whose covers hadn’t been lifted. I was also in therapy with a Jungian who told me that my addictions were a search for wholeness. She advised that it would be good to “get more” of whatever it was that I was trying to get through my addictions. OK. More Jim Beam, more marijuana, and more hookers! Today, when someone asks me to give them a reference for a Jungian therapist, I ask them, “Why a Jungian? Don’t you want to actually get better?”

Track list can be found here.
— J.D. (1/27/06)


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